Advanced Valuation Solutions
•	Worked with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae on strategic projects

•	Assisted in development of UCDP, CU, and UAD

•	Developed valuation strategy for top-10 lender

•	Created one of the first risk-based appraisal review processes

•	Created anti-fraud underwriting enhancement system and Automated Valuation Models

•	Enabled lenders and investors to significantly reduce costs, measure risk, mitigate the occurrence of fraud, and evaluate compliance while improving loan performance

•	Developed an automated loan scoring model.  This model proved to work extremely well and has been unmatched in the industry.  If a loan was scored as “high risk”, it was nine times more likely to be ever-30 at 12 months than if it were scored as “low risk”.  Moreover, it was ten time more likely to never to have been funded or have the value cut prior to funding